Your Secret Phrase – Why do you need it?

In addition to the need to key in your username and password, there is now a verification method called the Secret Phrase Verification. While it sounds complicated, it does nothing more than add one simple step to an already simple log in process.

Learn the importance of your ‘Secret Phrase’ and its relevance to your Wins88 Casino Mobile player account in this page.

Why is your Secret Phrase so important?

The Secret Phrase Verification step serves two purposes which are making sure you are on the correct website and verifying your identity as the true owner of the Wins88 Casino Mobile account. By ensuring both of these things, we are living up to our promise to safeguard your personal information to the best of our abilities.

This should make it so that you will only key in your login details on the real Wins88 Casino Mobile website.

How does it work?

To access your Wins88 Casino Mobile player account, you will need a Secret Phrase of your choice.

Here is a quick guide to Wins88 Casino Mobile’s Secret Phrase Verification process:

How to Register Your Secret Phrase:

Step 1: Select ‘Sign Up’ and fill in your basic information

Step 2: Once you have keyed in all the relevant details, you will have to enter a Secret Phrase with a maximum length of 12 characters

(NOTE: You will NOT be able to change your Secret Phrase after this point.)

Step 3: Join Wins88 Casino

When will this Secret Phrase be used?

Your login process to access your Wins88 Casino Mobile player account will follow the steps below:

  • Enter your username or email address
  • Upon clicking ‘Next’, a Secret Phrase will appear
  • Confirm whether or not the Secret Phrase displayed is the one you chose when you were creating your account
  • Check the box if it is your Secret Phrase and click ‘Next’
  • Enter your password; if it’s correct, you will be logged in