A Secure and Ethical Online Casino

Wins88 Casino fully recognises the importance of security and transparency and therefore endeavours to give our players the safe and transparent gaming environment they deserve. In order to accomplish this, we have taken the necessary steps to prevent security issues from disrupting your gaming experience.

Some of the measures designed to create this desired environment at Wins88 Casino include:


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Wins88 Casino follows strict licensing agreement and security protocols when implementing its KYC requirements. Players who wish to comply with these requirements must submit proof of:

  • Identity (government-issued ID with picture)
  • Address (utility bills, bank statements, etc.)
  • Payment method (photo of credit card, screenshot of e-wallet account, etc.)

By submitting these documents, we are able to satisfy both customer security concerns and legal requirements. These include:

  • Shielding our customers against potential fraud
  • Providing proof that our customers are over the legal gambling age of 18
  • Ensuring that our customers supplied accurate information during the registration process
  • Making sure that the given payment methods actually belong to the owner of the account
  • Preventing money laundering
  • Preventing abuse of bonuses

For more information, please go to our account verification page.

Full-Encryption Site Security

Only the most stringent of methods are used by us in securing your personal data which is also not shared with third parties. Due to our website’s full SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, you can rest assured that every bit of information disclosed to us is encrypted and transmitted securely. This security protocol also applies to every last page on Wins88 Casino’s website, further ensuring the safety of your information.

SSL Web Security with EV

Having received full certification from Thawte SSL with Extended Validation, Wins88 Casino is now recognised as a website that processes all its information and transactions with the highest possible level of security. As part of our efforts to comply with Thawte SSL’s security requirements and provide EV-level encryption security, we have validated our operations, personal identification process and the general authenticity of our business.

In order to provide an additional layer of security to protect your information and banking transactions, we also use a 256-bit SSL encryption system.

Secure Banking

Various payment and withdrawal options are available at Wins88 Casino for players to choose from, allowing for a significant amount of flexibility when it comes to dealing with the funds in their accounts. Thanks to Wins88 Casino’s dedication to maintaining the best possible security standards, they can make all their transactions with complete confidence and ease of mind.

If credit or debit cards are used, the players’ personal information and any other related records will not be stored on our database. Instead, every transaction will be processed through our trusted banking partner which complies fully with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and has a safe and solid framework for the purpose of processing card payments.

Our Ethics

In order to ensure that our players are able to enjoy the most stable and secure gaming experience that we can possibly give them, we hold ourselves to incredibly high ethical standards. Aside from abiding with the relevant strict policies, Wins88 Casino is similarly dedicated to preventing underage gambling and potential gambling disorders.

Preventing Problem Gambling

It is our strong belief at Wins88 Casino that gambling should only be treated as a form of entertainment. We are aware of the existence of gambling disorders and their potential negative issues and as such are committed to protecting our players from them to the best of our abilities. Our efforts to achieve this include deposit limits, player lockouts and identifying potential signs of gambling addiction so that suitable measures can be taken to prevent its long-term negative effects from affecting our players.

To learn more on our position on preventing problem gambling, go to our Responsible Gaming page.

Legality, Licensing and Compliance

A government authority monitors and audits every single one of our activities and our conduct in general for the purpose of ensuring that our actions are ethical according to the rules of online gaming conduct. In cooperation, Wins88 Casino dutifully obeys said authority’s rules and regulations regarding ethics, security and transactions.

Dispute Resolution

Customer complaints are something that Wins88 Casino takes very seriously and will address with great care and dedication. Should there be a dispute and/or a case of misconduct, an in-depth investigation by our operators will be conducted for the purposes of resolving the issue at hand. It is our duty as operators to put in as much effort as necessary in our attempts to resolve a dispute or case of misconduct without bias and in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations. To that end, we go as far as to rope in third parties usually in the form of external intermediaries to help find a resolution to the matter.


As part of our efforts to foster customer confidence in our platform, our practices, systems and algorithms are readily available for regular review and inspection by independent auditors. We prove our commitment to transparency by using state-of-the-art technology supplied by our recognised, well-established partners in our business practices and audits.


Wins88 Casino takes great pains to meet the high standards established by our licensing agreement. The same amount of attention is paid to abiding by the laws and regulations set by the authorities of the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Audit Trails

Detailed records of all financial transactions and gameplay history on Wins88 Casino are securely archived by us and made available to the customer, government authorities and/or legitimate gaming commissions if a formal request is submitted. Additionally, it is standard business practice for us to be annually reviewed and audited.

No-Download Casino

In response to the fact that the risk of virus and malware has escalated with the development of the worldwide web, Wins88 Casino has made it possible to access all its games and services from start to end with nothing more than a web browser. As such, there is no need to download any third-party content and the risk of exposing your computer to spyware and viruses will be significantly reduced.