Fairness & Trust

At Wins88 Casino, fairness and security are the primary driving forces behind our conduct in all matters from payments to gameplay. Gaining and maintaining the trust of our players which is of utmost importance to us is something we are aware can only be accomplished by being indiscriminate and transparent. As such, Wins88 Casino has committed to ensuring that these qualities are strictly adhered to at every step of the way.

Gameplay Fairness

Should players encounter issues with their internet connections during a gaming session, they need not fret as they should be able to simply continue playing once their connection has been restored.

Customer Support & Data Security

Crucial steps have been taken by Wins88 Casino to maintain the confidentiality of all our players’ information as well as handle it with extreme care. This is accomplished by utilising some of the best SSL encryptions available on the market in our website, resulting in multi-level security encryptions safeguarding our customer data.

If any of our customers have any enquiries of any kind, they are welcome to contact us. For support-related issues, you can fill in our Wins88 Casino customer support feedback form which can be easily found as an option in the Support button at the bottom right of your screen.

Responsible Gaming

Due to Wins88 Casino’s view that gambling is a form of entertainment meant solely for adults, only those who are 18 years old and above are permitted to use our services. Additionally, our awareness of online gaming’s potential negative effects has led us to take various important measures to ensure that our customers use the services we provide according to their original purpose.

If there are players who appear to show signs of being affected by the adverse effects of online gaming, Wins88 Casino is ready to provide the relevant assistance. For more information on how we can achieve this, please visit our Responsible Online Gaming page.