Experience A New RPG Style Slot Game


Embrace your destiny as the chosen one of the gods in Evoplay’s Dungeon: Immortal Evil, the world’s first ever Role-Playing Game-styled slot game!

If you love RPGs and slot games, Evoplay has granted the wish you never made with a truly exquisite one-of-a-kind slot game experience that has all the immersive trappings of a traditional role-playing game. With a single click or tap, your journey through monster-infested dungeons will play out on your screen and, if you’re lucky, result in loot that translates into real world winnings!

Dungeon: Immortal Evil boasts mesmerising 3D graphics and an interface typical of role-playing games which will almost certainly heighten your overall gaming experience. As an added touch, there are even bonus achievements to unlock and equipment upgrades to collect that will prove incredibly helpful as you slay the monsters in your path. Survive long enough and you’ll even find yourself in an epic boss fight that could lead to epic rewards if you emerge victorious!


In-Game Features


Unlock Mystery Loot

Unlock random dungeon spaces by fighting enemies and winning chests of additional bonus prizes. There are 5 types of loot differentiated by colours as follow:

  • Common – White
  • Uncommon – Blue
  • Rare – Yellow
  • Epic – Violet
  • Legendary – Orange


Defeat the Mimic

Be on the lookout for these monstrous chests filled with dazzling prizes!

Defeat the mimic, a special chest-like monster that appears randomly, and be guaranteed to win five types of random loot!


Conquer the Dungeon

The ferocious boss awaits you. Enter with caution!

The dungeon is a bonus mode and has seven rooms that you will enter through a portal. The first 6 rooms will have normal monsters where you can collect chests and loots.

In the seventh room, you’ll face the terrifying boss Inferno, where you’ll need all your strength and power to defeat the beast!